Newsletter II/2015: 8 April 2015 – Easter Scholarship Opportunities

Newsletter II/2015: 8 April 2015 – Easter Scholarship Opportunities

Easter Egg Hunt – 111 Big Scholarships Waiting For You

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 14.25.32At CBL International we are proud to announce our big Easter surprise for those of you interested in global education. We are introducing 111 ‘Easter eggs’ for our great delegates, and all students interested in our exciting study abroad programmes. Inside the eggs, you will find fantastic scholarships of £500 and U$500 respectively for our extension options of academic summer programmes in Oxford, Cambridge, and China. You can easily get this great scholarship, by applying and extending your stay by two weeks. Our extension sessions are already available at a reduced rate, but now you can use your Easter egg to reduce the tuition fee by U$500 for our China programmes or £500 for all of our Cambridge programmes, and the same scholarship applies in Oxford for the August sessions. For those of you who have already applied, you can extend your stay and we will exclusively reserve an Easter egg for you. The Easter Egg Hunt ends on 30 April 2015, we urge students to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, and participate in an academic and cultural experience overseas.

If you’re interested in enrolling or extending you session in China visit: and For Cambridge:
For Oxford programmes:,

Study Abroad in China: Experience an economic and political powerhouse with our Academic Summer Programme

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 11.17.25CBL International aims to provide exclusive study abroad opportunities in a region renowned in the international community for it’s blooming, and now leading economy. China Business School and China Law School offer delegates educational programmes and cultural experiences in four amazing Chinese cities, there is the option of choosing a programme in Shanghai & Hangzhou, or in Beijing & Tianjin.

“China’s regional diversity is a major factor attracting students, as there is no end to the academic, cultural, and personal opportunities that await you there. The educational programmes offered by CBL International have been designed with the purpose of showcasing four different economic and political centres in China, as well as an insight into the legal systems, and doing business in a country recognised as a powerhouse,” highlights Philip Hockerts, Vice President Marketing.

This is an experience that is bound to enhance your career development and prospects. You can hear about the features that make our programme so popular from meeting, as well as access to managers of top companies, including ‘the big four’ accountancies, law firms, banks, and major industry corporations. For more information about the China programmes, including academic partners we collaborate with, fees, and schedule, visit: or

Study Abroad in Dubai: A thriving metropolis bursting with opportunities

01234It is well-known that Dubai is a city recognised for its flourishing business opportunities, or the perception that it is a global economic hub. CBL International has recognised the dynamism of this metropolis by offering successful business and legal programmes for participants keen to gain experience in the United Arab Emirates, and beyond. These courses offer a combination of lectures, company presentations and networking opportunities for delegates with our partner companies in the Gulf, including FedEx, Dubai Financial Markets, Dubai Airports, and EmiratesNBD Bank.

“We recognise the importance of today’s influential business leaders especially in this region and in addition to providing an academic programme, our delegates have access to our strong corporate network. Dubai Business School and Dubai Law School offer innovative programmes for participants to actively immerse themselves in their chosen study area, as well as an indisputable professional boost, which includes career opportunities,” emphasised Tina Jiang, Vice President Academic Programmes.

For more information about the Dubai Business School and Dubai Law School, visit: or

CBL International goes to Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey info sessions

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Bahçeşehir University BAU (Istanbul, Turkey), which is recognised as a centre of research, educational programmes, and for its diverse faculty members. At CBL International, we are constantly seeking to collaborate with outstanding academic institutions in different regions of the world. This is an exciting opportunity to make our programmes available around the world, especially in such a cultural and diverse city such as Istanbul.

For 2015 we aim to work with even more outstanding education institutions in Turkey and the Middle East, with the hope to achieve the same reputation we have built in the United Arab Emirates. Elizabeth Wood, our COO from Oxford, held four information sessions at academic institutions in Istanbul during March. She said:“The sessions gave an overview into the business, law, and politics study abroad programmes we offer in partnership with outstanding universities and colleges around the world. It was wonderful to see an interest from students at renowned academic institutions in Istanbul who attended the sessions, as well as our alumni who came to share their wonderful study abroad experiences with CBL International in Oxford and Cambridge. We are excited to welcome the next intake of delegates from Istanbul in our sessions this summer.”

Connect with us on LinkedIn: A platform for professionals

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 09.04.32

LinkedIn helps us keep our extensive alumni network updated with the latest updates from CBL International. It is a platform for communication, engaging content, opportunities, and conversations.

Jola Merkaj, Assistant Academic Partnership and Programme Manager, explained: “As a social media tool, LinkedIn offers the chance to network and connect with other professionals. Its vital importance may be underestimated, but we aim to inform our alumni with current news at CBL International, exclusive invitations to various worldwide events, the chance to re-connect with us in the future, as well as internships and career opportunities. If you haven’t already done so, make sure to join our CBL International Alumni group or even our corporate page on LinkedIn where you can read about the latest news on our study abroad programmes, as well as new extension options we’ve introduced.”

You can connect with us today at: and

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