CBL International | November 2016 News

CBL International | November 2016 News

Dubada1e1c99-f59e-4ac0-adc8-a7980e982abai Expo 2020 is coming

2020 will see the arrival of the world Expo in Dubai, a festival showcasing and exploring what is possible when new ideas and people connect. We could not be more excited to be an official supporter!

Become part of it by attending our programme this winter. Elizabeth Wood, Vice President Academic Programmes, shared “Our Dubai programmes are a truly unique and fantastic experience, and all of our delegates receive an enriching, one-of-a-kind insight in to business and law in the Middle East. Our delegates come from all over the world, and as a truly international study abroad education provider, we are proud to support Expo 2020 and the vision to connect a global audience in innovation and partnership.”

Applications are still open until 10 December 2016 for our Dubai Law and Business schools this winter. Apply today – Dubai Law School  | Dubai Business School


Early (Turkey)6b12ac27-a15b-4891-a820-b1a2612e4e26 Bird Discount

Our Ivy League programmes are bigger and better than ever in 2017. “Next year, the Ivy League Summer Institute will provide delegates with more sessions, new exciting subjects to choose from, and a range of international extension options, developed with our great partner from WorldStrides. We’re truly looking forward to welcoming a fresh group of students and providing them with these great opportunities,” says Xiaoying Luo, Programme Manager at CBL International. If you want to join us, here’s an incentive to sign up today. We’ll give you an additional 100 USD off tuition fees, on top of the normal early bird discount, if you sign up before 20 December – consider it a Thanksgiving gift from us to you.

Find out more about the Ivy League Summer Institute here.

Have family or friends still in high school aged 14-19 who also want to study abroad? We have an Ivy League programme waiting for them, too. Find out more about the Ivy League Summer Academy,taking place at Wasserstein Hall on Harvard Law School campus, as well as on Yale University campus.


CBL 448d327f-d0e2-41c8-a710-795c7810f0d2International goes to Japan and beyond

We embarked on a trip to the vibrant country of Japan recently, generating new and exciting network connections in the region. Along with Japan, we are now expanding our elite university partnerships into Mongolia, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, and Indonesia, strengthening the ties we already have in these countries and developing more. Associate Director of Summer In Oxford and Cambridge Summer Academy, Valen Li, said “our trip to Japan was very fruitful. We met with several directors and professors from international centers at Japanese Ivy League universities, and gathered strong interest in our programmes. As a result, we are very much looking forward to having more Japanese students attend our programmes in 2017”.


Call for new Agf91d59dc-ac21-423a-a57e-b90634f2f646ency Network members

We work with more than 100 international educational agencies and consultants already, welcoming delegates from all corners of the globe to study with us at our fantastic destinations. If you have students and young professionals interested in attending a summer programme in 2017, why not get in touch with us? Vice President Academic Partnerships, Tina Jiang, says, “we provide our agency network members with a fantastic service and very competitive compensation schemes, as well as a personal account manager, ensuring that you are fully equipped when speaking to potential delegates.”

For more information, please email partnerships@cbl-international.com


87d48203-d4a8-4801-b63a-62a0a16abfe2Read all about it

If you want to find out more about what our delegates got up to this summer, you can find the latest student blog from the Cambridge Summer Institute, based at Magdalene College (University of Cambridge, UK), available on our website. Marketing Executive Jodynne Bell said, “for each of our sessions, we offer three scholarships – Blogging, Photography, and Video. All of our delegates are eligible, and seeing the end result is really great. It gives us at CBL International a new perspective on the programmes and experiences, and allows our delegates to get creative outside of their academic studies.”

Cambridge Summer Institute alumna Yang Guo, student at an elite university in China, documented her experience for us, and you can read through her CBL International study abroad diary here. She also did a great job taking photographs of all the wonderful things our delegates saw throughout their time with us, and you can see some of those in the blog entries.






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