CBL International | November 2015 Newsletter: The Power of Study Abroad

CBL International | November 2015 Newsletter: The Power of Study Abroad

2015: Our Busiest Summer

Want to learn beyond your country? Studying abroad is a fantastic opportunity to learn about new cultures, gain invaluable academic enrichment, and enhance your CV.

Our programmes offer the opportunity to study a wide and exciting range of courses with an emphasis on global law, business, economics, politics, history, natural science, cultural issues, and much more. Delegates participating in educational travel with CBL International this summer experienced a new city, with new people, as well as important academic insight into their chosen study area. We welcomed over a thousand students in Oxford, Cambridge, Dubai, Shanghai, and Beijing, making it one of the busiest summers.

“It has been a great experience to witness our tailor-made programmes grow throughout the years,” says Tina Jiang, Vice President Academic Partnerships, “and this summer was particularly special as we welcomed the largest number of international students. Our delegates had the chance to experience different cultures whilst studying a course of their choice. We’re looking forward to what the next academic year brings for us at CBL International.”

Applications for 2016 programmes in Oxford, Cambridge, Dubai, Shanghai, and Beijing have already opened! For more information about the different summer study abroad programmes, visit: http://www.cbl-international.com

Dynamic and Enterprising: Experience Dubai as a Study Abroad Location

DubaiDubai: Recognised as a bustling metropolis bursting with opportunities. It’s welcoming. It’s diverse. It’s energetic.

Our bespoke academic programmes focus on educating young future business leaders on the different industries contributing to its status as a global economic hub. At the end of the 2-week programme, delegates will have gained an insight into one of the most important commercial and financial centres through the academic features of the programme. As well as working with prestigious universities in Dubai and the UAE, we organise numerous visits to organisations and companies in this region. Access to our partners provides exclusivenetworking opportunities for those seeking to grow their professional network and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, and successful managers. 

Dubai Business School and Dubai Law School focus on providing comprehension in the following areas: Corporate Law, Financial Markets, Taxation Law, Islamic Finance, Start-up & Entrepreneurship, and a number of other lectures focusing on explaining the different industries in Dubai. You can find more information by visiting our websites at: http://www.dubai-business-school.com and http://www.dubai-lawschool.com

European Roadshow: Visiting a City Near You

“Our collaboration with ELSA provides law students with the chance to study abroad in prominent locations, where they can earn credits and gain an understanding of new legal systems abroad,” says Thomas Liss, Manager Academic Partnerships Germany, “It was a pleasure meeting so many ambitious committee members. As our Roadshow continues through November, I look forward to meeting those based in Switzerland.”

For the seventh consecutive year, we are proud to announce our partnership with the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA). This is an outstanding collaboration providing ELSA members with exceptional scholarship opportunities for China Law School and Dubai Law School.

As part of our European Roadshow at CBL International, we have been catching up so far with local and national ELSA presidents in Austria, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. We aim to bring awareness to this opportunity available to all seeking a study abroad experience.

Why Not Study Abroad in Oxford during Easter?


Oxford is internationally recognised for its high academic status, picturesque landscapes, and rich cultural history. In collaboration with Oriel College (University of Oxford, UK) we offer two programmes focusing on law and business topics, where students experience the above three factors the city is known for.

The programmes commencing this spring include informative lectures lead by our renowned faculty as we work with professors, lecturers, and tutors from the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. The lectures cover: Legal Theory, European Business Law, World Trade Organisation, UK Corporate Law & Company Law, International Taxation, Global Macroeconomics, Entrepreneurship & Leadership, and a number of other relevant topics.

“The social side of the programme includes a number of cultural excursions to nearby cities in England, where you’ll learn about British history with the new group of friends you’ll have made whilst studying in Oxford.” Elizabeth Wood, Vice President Academic Programmes, explained: “Developing a global mindset is an attractive factor to many employers, and our tailored programme achieves this added bonus.”

Let’s be social! Engage With Us On Facebook

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Can you believe it! This summer we reached over 8,000 likes on Facebook. As an academic provider of study abroad programmes, we are delighted to see our online communities made up of our ambitious alumni, and those seeking educational travel growing.

Why not join the other 8,000 and be one of the first to learn about the latest news at CBL International, as well as internship opportunities through our strong corporate network, events taking place near you, and much more. You can find all the links to our social media platforms below!

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