CBL International | February 2018 Newsletter

CBL International | February 2018 Newsletter

Happy Year of the Dog

“Welcome to the Year of the Dog! To all our current and former delegates celebrating the Spring Festival, we hope you have enjoyed the festivities, the delicious foods, the precious time spent with loved ones, and for those with WeChat, catching plenty of those red envelopes!
We hope this year will be a fulfilling one for everyone and wish you success in all your academic, professional, and personal endeavours.”

Dr Dominik Wanner, CEO & President at WorldStrides | CBL International



International Alumni Reunions 2018

CBL International is celebrating over a decade of success in delivering academic programmes in China, England, the UAE, Australia, India, Latvia, and the US.

In honour of this achievement, we are launching several international alumni reunions this year in China (Beijing and Shanghai) and England (Oxford).
If you have participated in any of our programmes since 2007, we would love to see you at one of our venues. This is the perfect opportunity for you to reconnect with your fellow course members, and to share stories of your personal and professional endeavours since graduating from CBL International.

“It is always a great pleasure to see familiar faces during reunions. There is a wealth of talent among our alumni members and their collective achievements never cease to impress. We hope these gatherings can provide a platform to help further expand their endeavours.”
Sean Ahern, Programme Director

Our Beijing and Shanghai reunions take place 17 and 24 March respectively. See more here!

Our Oxford reunion takes place 23 – 25 August. See more here!

**If you experience problems with the apply page, please email your interest to alumni@cbl-international.com with your: full name, phone number, programme name, and session year.



International Business and Management

Did you know that we offer an International Business and Management track at Cambridge Summer Institute?

Held throughout July and August, this course explores the nature and scope of the management of international economic enterprises. Delegates can choose between a wide range of courses including game theory, business strategy, and international trade, as well as in-depth studies such as on the Chinese market and outbound investments.

In the era of rapid globalisation, delegates on this track will gain the knowledge and skills needed to help them thrive in a multicultural environment.



Celebrating Women in Literature

February 2018 marks a century since women were first able to vote in the UK, and there is no better time than now to introduce “Queens of English Literature” – a brand new course in the English Literature track at the Summer Institute at Oriel College Oxford.

This course focuses on the major works of the Brontë sisters and Jane Austen, guiding our delegates through close textual analysis to explore how social, cultural, and literary contexts shaped the works that we know and love today.
Delegates will also gain experience of an independent research project, culminating in a group presentation. Each session comprise a 90-minute interactive lecture, incorporating short small-group exercises to give delegates the opportunity discuss the questions raised in the lecture.

For more information about the programme and the Summer Institute at Oriel College, please visit:




Are you a photographer, blogger, or video-maker?

Did you know that we offer three types of scholarships to all of our enrolled delegates? If you are a creative with a passion for sharing engaging content with others, you should consider applying for our photography, blogging, or video scholarships. For your time and effort, we will award you with GBP 100 (GBP 200 for video scholarships) upon successful completion of your duties!

“Every year it’s exciting to see what kind of content our scholarship holders come up with, and we are always blown away by the amount of talent there is among our delegates. Everyone sees the world and experiences things differently, so this is a fantastic way to catch a glimpse of their time on the programme through their eyes.”
Mandy Chang, Academic Programme Advisor

To apply, please email your interest to:



High School Courses

Our programmes are not limited to university students and young professionals! Since 2012, we have been running the Summer in Oxford and Cambridge Summer Academy programmes for high school students from all around the world.

On top of two weeks of academic learning through seminars and tutorials in a topic of their choice, delegates will gain valuable advice on the application process to top British universities such as the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, including workshops on writing personal statements and interview techniques.



50,000 Likes Campaign

We are growing our WorldStrides | CBL International family!

Join our epic campaign to reach 50,000 likes by June 2018.

Be a part of the campaign!

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