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Health and Safety

At CBL-International, your safety and well being are our most important priorities. Our greatest responsibility is to develop and implement programs that are safe for our delegates. Therefore, in all CBL-International programs we have several measures to ensure your security such as on site orientation, 24/7 emergency contacts, in depth hand book with hotlines and locations to go to in case of emergencies and safety tips on our website.

In all our programs, we make sure that you are extra prepared for any health and safety issues that may come up. We guide you firstly before your departure to the program with information about health and safety in the country you will be going to. Furthermore, during this time we will give you the contact details of our on sight staff that are here to assist you if ANY issues arise. On site, we provide orientation to fully prep you for local health and safety issues.

Please not that all our programs are carefully selected in countries that are considered to be safe and stable for foreigners to live in. We always monitor the situation through foreign embassies, local news and our numerous local contacts. Furthermore, we pay special attention to the locations we choose for your accommodation, classes and excursions, always making sure that they are in safe and comfortable areas.
Finally, CBL-International offers 24 hours emergency assistance for all our delegates. In all our programs, 24 hours on site contacts are available to assist you for any kind of emergencies. We also have a network of local emergency contacts (police, hospital, and embassy) with whom we can be in touch if needed.

If you wish to have more information concerning safety and health issues, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at: (+86) 021 6112 1210

Or by email at:

We are happy to answer any questions you may have as quickly as we possibly can. Remember, at CBL-International your safety is our number one concern.

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