Future Locations

Future Locations

Future Locations

Continuing our growth while striving to provide the best educational business and law programmes in the industry is the secret of CBL International’s success. CBL International organizes tailor-made individual university courses, executive conferences and summer schools for international students and professionals in emerging and advanced markets.

Providing the best education for the best

With a selection of 8 distinctly unique locations, so far we hosted more than 2,500 students and young professionals from more than 50 different countries to participate in our outstanding programmes. Profiting from Asia’s economic boom and the international desire for quality education, CBL International is adding new business and law programmes in buzzling and relevant locations, constantly. It is our aim to continue our exceptional growth without compromising our reputation for quality.

CBL International is planning to offer the following hotspots soon:

Vietnam: The Rising Dragon and Land of Beauty and Prosperity
Proposed programmes in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and Hanoi

India: The new economic power house India is on the rise
Proposed programmes in Mumbai, Dehli, and Bangalore

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