Why Not Study Abroad in Oxford during Easter?

Why Not Study Abroad in Oxford during Easter?


Oxford is internationally recognised for its high academic status, picturesque landscapes, and rich cultural history. In collaboration with Oriel College (University of Oxford, UK) we offer two programmes focusing on law and business topics, where students experience the above three factors the city is known for.

The programmes commencing this spring include informative lectures lead by our renowned faculty as we work with professors, lecturers, and tutors from the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. The lectures cover: Legal Theory, European Business Law, World Trade Organisation, UK Corporate Law & Company Law, International Taxation, Global Macroeconomics, Entrepreneurship & Leadership, and a number of other relevant topics.

“The social side of the programme includes a number of cultural excursions to nearby cities in England, where you’ll learn about British history with the new group of friends you’ll have made whilst studying in Oxford.” Elizabeth Wood, Vice President Academic Programmes, explained: “Developing a global mindset is an attractive factor to many employers, and our tailored programme achieves this added bonus.”

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