Study Abroad: Intertwine Programmes in China & Dubai For the First Time

Study Abroad: Intertwine Programmes in China & Dubai For the First Time


CBL International is introducing a completely new innovative extension option for study abroad programmes. 2015 marks the opportunity for delegates to intertwine an academic course in two world-class business regions. The unique choice offers delegates the chance to study law or business for two weeks in Dubai and then move onto our China Schools for an additional two to ten weeks.

Tina Jiang, Vice President Academic Programmes, said: “The exciting extension option allows participants to increase their academic development in prominent global cities, as well as immersing themselves in different cultures. The programme is an essential platform for the construction of delegates’ futures, as it provides the opportunity to gain expertise in International Business, International Law, Intercultural Management, and much more in these flourishing regions of the world. China and Dubai are two global hubs and powerhouses making them suitable locations to learn more about the business world of today and tomorrow. Additionally, participants have the exciting chance to immerse themselves in two entirely different cultures and gain new perspectives.”

This is a fantastic opportunity to broaden one’s academic horizons by studying in prominent universities in Dubai and China. For more information about our discounted extension rates visit: or

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