Summer In Oxford and Cambridge Summer Academy: High School Study Abroad Programmes

Summer In Oxford and Cambridge Summer Academy: High School Study Abroad Programmes

IMG_20150309_123208The increased demand for study abroad programmes for high school students has resulted in the introduction of new features to Summer in Oxford and Cambridge Summer Academy. At CBL International, we are offering tailored programmes with the intention of providing participants with a multitude of opportunities, including academic enrichment, university preparation, intercultural awareness, and the chance to immerse themselves in British culture.

OCSA offers ambitious and curious students the chance to participate in a study abroad programme, which focuses on providing an overview of the essential components of a great university application. The short programmes provide students with knowledge on the selection process of prestigious universities, a guide on how to write & structure the perfect personal statement, interview techniques, as well as necessary university preparation. In addition, the programmes in Cambridge and Oxford offer different elective choices for participants. The choices provide an overview of subjects students may want to study further at university level, or who may want an insight due to their interest in the area.

IMG_20150309_123931We’ve come up with five reasons why you should participate in an OCSA session this summer:

1. The UK is internationally recognised for its excellent and high quality education. This is a fantastic opportunity to actively immerse & catch a glimpse of university life at these institutions.
2. Studying in a new city broadens participants’ horizons, as well as gaining an intercultural awareness.
3. The unique opportunity to participate in a programme with students from all over the world in a truly international atmosphere, as well as experiencing the diversity & multicultural environments in Cambridge and Oxford.
4. OCSA provides vital knowledge on the application process for outstanding academic institutions, in order to create exceptional university applications.
5. In addition to the academic and cultural experience, you’ll meet a diverse group of students from different backgrounds. You’ll create new lasting friendships!

Studying abroad offers various academic and personal advantages, and the list goes beyond the five we’ve mentioned. We hope to see you in one of our innovative summer sessions in Cambridge, or Oxford.

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