Oxford Advanced Seminars: Adult Educational Travel & Cultural Programmes

Oxford Advanced Seminars: Adult Educational Travel & Cultural Programmes

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 10.30.34Oxford King’s College as part of CBL International, have collaborated to introduce personal enrichment for those seeking education travel in a renowned academic city. We are pleased to announce educational programmes for older learners in Oxford this summer. Our mission is to provide lifelong learning opportunities, as well as inspiring adults to learn, discover and travel. There are five different historical topics focusing on British and world history, and prominent individuals.

Oxford Advanced Seminars educational sessions aim to offer a community for those with an intellectual curiosity, as well as cultural immersion. Our outstanding faculty is made up of historical experts, professors from the University of Oxford, and authors who have published books on that particular period. Academic depth is gained through a series of advanced seminars during the week-long session, and cultural immersion to provide a further insight into the historical topic studied. Cultural activities range from an analysis of the Oriel College ‘s (University of Oxford, UK) 1300 reissue of the Magna Carta by Kind Edward I to visiting South of England to explore significant historical sites leading up to Britain’s greatest military battle. The activities depend on the historical topic, as they have been tailored to offer a greater insight.

CBL International is committed to the academic and personal development of its delegates, and we are offering educational sessions on the following topics;

11165992_10202983491987303_747119524_nOxford Advanced Seminars #1: John Henry Cardinal Newman (16 – 22 August 2015)
Oxford Advanced Seminars #2: 800 years – Magna Carta (23 – 29 August 2015)
Oxford Advanced Seminars #3: 500 Years – Cardinal Wolsey, Henry VIII & the Origins of the Reformation (30 August – 5 September 2015)
Oxford Advanced Seminars #4: 800 Years – Lateran Council; Beliefs, Crisis & Response (6 – 12 September 2015)
Oxford Advanced Seminars #5: 600 Years – Henry V, the Battle of Agincourt & the Hundred Years War (13 – 19 September 2015)

Our selection of courses mark the anniversary of the event, or are strongly correlated to Oxford where they are held in Oriel College (University of Oxford, UK). This is a fantastic opportunity to participate in an educational and cultural trip to Oxford, bursting with exclusive viewings or activities. You can find more information about the individual courses we offer in collaboration with Oxford King’s College at: http://oxfordkingscollege.com/category/adult-programmes/

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