European Roadshow: Visiting a City Near You

European Roadshow: Visiting a City Near You


“Our collaboration with ELSA provides law students with the chance to study abroad in prominent locations, where they can earn credits and gain an understanding of new legal systems abroad,” says Thomas Liss, Manager Academic Partnerships Germany, “It was a pleasure meeting so many ambitious committee members. As our Roadshow continues through November, I look forward to meeting those based in Switzerland.”

For the seventh consecutive year, we are proud to announce our partnership with the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA). This is an outstanding collaboration providing ELSA members with exceptional scholarship opportunities for China Law School and Dubai Law School.

As part of our European Roadshow at CBL International, we have been catching up so far with local and national ELSA presidents in Austria, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. We aim to bring awareness to this opportunity available to all seeking a study abroad experience.

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