Cambridge Summer Institute – The importance of an outstanding faculty

Cambridge Summer Institute – The importance of an outstanding faculty

IMG_20150218_135300Studying abroad provides students with an incredible academic and life experience, these tend to be some of the outcomes after participating in an intensive programme in a multicultural setting. The Cambridge Summer Institute (CSI) manages this effortlessly, as it offers a comprehensive programme in a world-renowned university with each session attracting a large number of different nationalities. At CBL International, our partnership with Magdalene College (University of Cambridge, UK) has resulted in jointly offering innovative programmes as part of CSI. The lectures and accommodation are at the same college, offering participants a glimpse into university life at Cambridge.

These wonderful attributes of CSI contribute to an overall great experience for students participating in one of the programmes. However, we believe it is also fundamental for an education provider to present delegates with much more, which brings us to the importance of faculty.

We strive to advance and retain excellent and diverse faculty members in an increasingly multicultural environment. The faculty at CSI includes professors from the respected University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, and other internationally renowned academic institutions. In addition to this, successful and prominent individuals in their field of work lead sessions and evening talks during the programme.

IMG_20150218_135211 (1)As an academic provider, we have a faculty of exceptional scholars, teachers, and professors who are diverse in their background, work, and life experiences. We are constantly striving to improve our faculty to provide delegates with teaching that is enriched from a variety of perspectives. For a study abroad programme this is a key factor, as it allows students to achieve success in a world that is increasingly global and diverse.

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