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Summer Abroad Programmes for College and University students

Cambridge Summer Institute
Summer school programmes held by Magdalene College (University of Cambridge, UK)...
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Oxford Summer Abroad
An exceptional programme in Oriel College (University of Oxford, UK)...
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Ivy League Summer Institute
An exclusive summer study abroad program held on the campus of Harvard Law School (Wasserstein Hall)…
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Dubai Business School
Partnering with Higher Colleges of Technology and Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management in Dubai
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Dubai Law School
Learn from lawyers in the fields of Arabic business law, local business practices, management...
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Summer Programmes for High School Students

Summer In Oxford
The Summer In Oxford programme offers high school students between the ages of 14 to 19 an exclusive opportunity…
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Cambridge Summer Academy
Join our summer abroad programmes for high school students in the city of Cambridge, United Kingdom...
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WorldStrides Oxbridge Academy at Yale
A rewarding opportunity to live and study at Yale University.
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WorldStrides Oxbridge Academy in Boston
An exciting program hosted in ivy league universities in Boston, USA.
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BAC Accreditation for CBL International Oxbridge Programmes Ltd.

We are proud to announce that Cambridge Summer Institute, Oxford Summer Law School, Oxford Summer Business School, Oxford Summer Abroad, and Oxford & Cambridge Summer High School Programs are run by our partner, CBL International Oxbridge Programmes Ltd., who recently has been accredited by the British Accreditation Council.

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