Liang Shan, Nankai University (Tianjin)

Liang Shan, Nankai University (Tianjin)

Liang Shan
College of Economics, Nankai University (Tianjin)
Participant CBL International Oxford Summer Abroad at Oriel College 2012


I was very fortunate to study International Law courses in the famous Oxford University in the United Kingdom August 2012. I really like this experience with the CBL program. And it provided me a great opportunity to know other students of Nankai University along with other students in the program.

I studied my master in France for two years, so I am somewhat familiar with the differences between European and Chinese culture. However, after the two-month of study in Oxford University, I had more knowledge about English culture and English people. One of the most memorable experience I had this summer is going for the opera “Phantom of the Opera” in London. There are many famous opera house near Piccadilly Circus in London, and I always wanted to watch an opera once. This time, I’m just in time for the 25 years anniversary of “The Phantom of the Opera”, so I quickly booked a ticket online, then rushed to the bus station and left for London. I never hear an opera before, but I loved this very famous opera “The Phantom of the Opera”. Before it starts, I was slightly nervous and excited at the same time. There were this British father and son sitting next to me and the father seemed to be very familiar with the plot of this opera so he explained the opera to his son. Luckily I also took the opportunity to have a little preview of the story. During the opera, the character of the Phantom of the Opera would sometimes appear above the stage, then the little boy next to me patted my shoulder and told me to look at above. This cute move of the boy give me a deeper impression of the real English gentleman. On my way back to Oxford, I was still struggling between the love and hate of the characters in the opera.

As we all know, the United Kingdom is Shakespeare’s home country, and I also had the chance to see the famous drama of Shakespeare, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at Oxford’s Rhodes House Garden. Unlike in the normal theater that we used to watch the drama, this drama is performed in a garden. At the beginning of the drama, the audiences gathered in the corner of the garden, and were standing or sitting on the grass. When the performances of actors who had completed one chapter, they would lead the audiences to go to a big tree in the garden to perform the next chapter. Finally, the audiences would be sitting down in the chairs at the middle of the garden to finish watching the rest of the show. the weather in Oxford at night is much cooler than during the day and we were watching the drama outdoor, so I found I didn’t dress warm enough for the night. Next to me, there were a English old lady, who saw me cross my arms tightly in my chest, so she shared her blanket with me. I was very moved by this kindness of her, and thanked to her I could focus on the drama and not disturbed by the cold temperature.

In conclusion, Britain has more than just a long history of culture and the arts, also it has very nice and kind British people. My only wish is for CBL program to be longer, because I want to stay in Britain for more than one month.

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