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Grace Cutts – Summer in Oxford High School Programme

Exceeded all expectations! The CBL team were amazing, so friendly and always there if you needed anything. The pre-planned activities and academic elective were fantastic. The course gave me invaluable insight into the university application process and a new perspective...
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Maria Leindl – Cambridge Summer Institute

Studying at the Cambridge Summer Institute was an experience I will never forget. I participated in classes focusing on business and entrepreneurship enabling me to connect with highly experienced professors and with peers from all over the world. During the...
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Annika A – Summer Institute at Oriel College Oxford

The Summer Institute at Oriel College was so much more than just a law programme. I dipped into the Oxfordian lifestyle consisting of black-tie dinners, punting and college visits. Living in the college accommodation and hanging out with students from...
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Jessica Gillotte, Economics, UC Berkeley (USA)

Participant of CBL International China School 2012   The three-week Doing Business in China travel-study program was an exciting, fascinating, and eye-opening experience — the best decision I made all school year. It was a tremendous privilege to explore five...
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Dr. Cory Way, Harvard Law School (USA)

Dr. Cory Way Harvard Law School (USA)   Students of CBL International Schools visit prestigious companies and law firms, which gives them the opportunity to apply the content they learn in my class. The set-up of the programmes provides students...
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Liang Shan, Nankai University (Tianjin)

College of Economics, Nankai University (Tianjin) Participant CBL International Oxford Summer Abroad at Oriel College 2012   I was very fortunate to study International Law courses in the famous Oxford University in the United Kingdom August 2012. I really like...
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Yang Ningman, Nankai University, Tianjin (China)

 Participant CBL International Oxford Summer Abroad at Oriel College 2012   Someone asked a hawk:” Why do you would like to educate your children in the high sky?” “If I educate them just on the ground, how can they have...
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